Introducing the Lock, Pop & Drop – The most efficient way to achieve top, middle or bottom hole airdecks in large-scale production mining environments.

8 Reasons to use the Lock, Pop & Drop:

Practical Flexibility

Achieve top, middle and bottom hole airdecks with just a single product. No extra tools required no matter which section of the hole needs an airdeck. Just Lock, Pop and Drop!

Zero On-Bench Assembly

Ready to use out-of the box, which means no messing around with separate parts on the ground, reducing any delays and allowing the bomb crew to focus on putting bomb in the ground.

Greater Portability

A small assembled footprint allows for a large number of LPDs to be stacked on the back of a light vehicle tray, increasing the efficiency in bulk application scenarios.

Reduced Labour Requirements

The high installation rates per hole does not impede regular loading progression. Blast crew can apply the LPDs to each hole in a matter of seconds.

Consistent Hole Depth Decking

The LPD’s ease of application reduces human error commonly seen when using other products. No ropes or sand bags required and no mid hole blockages guarantees a high success rate every time.

Substantial Cost Savings

Immediately realize savings from a reduction in explosive usage costs while maintaining desirable blasting outcomes. Every LPD deployed represents a direct cost saving in explosive usage that offsets the cost of the LPD itself.

Increased Lump Return Percentages

Reducing undesirable fines content while maintaining optimal fragmentation distribution in the blast design.

Reduction in Fly Rock, Vibration & Greenhouse Gases

Decreasing volume of explosives used translates to a reduction in fly rock, vibration and greenhouse gases generated from each blast, decreasing the overall environmental impacts of blasting activities.

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Lock, Pop & Drop

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