Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know about the LPD system

What is the LPD System?

The LPD device allows for rapid placement of an air-deck within a blast hole. The LPD is a device attached to a self-inflating gas bag that allows for one of three heights (0.5m, 1.0m & 1.5m)to be achieved simply by pulling the boot out and having it lock into place.
The Patent Pending concept is rugged, simple and reliable – creating an accurate air deck at a fraction of the install time of other decking devices.

What applications can the LPD be used for?

The LPD can be used in any situation that requires an air-deck to be installed in the blast hole. This includes top-hole air-decking, mid-hole air-decking, and also bottom-hole air-decking.

Why would you choose the LPD system over existing air-decking solutions?

Compared to existing air-decking solutions on the market, the LPD system has the lowest installation times, failure rates and broadest applications in tough mining environments.

What are LPDs made of?

They are custom profile extruded plastic tubes, paired with stainless steel, non-sparking locking clips and a proprietary moulded plastic “boot” (end cap).

What is the purpose of the “boot”?

The boot serves 2 functions – to deflect the stick from catching the sidewalls of a blast hole, and to prevent the device from penetrating into the explosive product when applied in mid hole and top hole air-decking situations.

What are the advantages of air-decking?

The air-deck performs different functions at each location in the hole. Top-hole air-decking allows improved explosive energy distribution to break the hard cap/stemming zone on the surface and at the same time allows savings in stemming material. Mid-hole air-decking is used in double priming situations such as cavities, deep holes and powder factor reduction. Bottom hole air-decking can be used in large scale production mining to reduce the total amount of explosive in each column while maintaining floor conformance due to improved energy distribution.

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